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Heartbreaking; His Child was Blood Vomiting, Handsome Artist Eza Gionino Accuses Fishmonger Enchanting His Child


Eza GioninoEza Gionino - Recently a handsome Indonesian artist, Eza Gionino, is reported fight with a fish seller.

It is known that the beginning of the incident when Eza Gionino bought arawana fish from Qory Supiandi.

Eza said at that time he bought the arowana fish to help Qory Supiandy, who was known from his friend named Doni.

"So here goes, first I have a friend named Doni. He offered me, "This guy has someone he wants help with, but you buy the fish," Eza said.

Incidentally, continued Eza, Qory needed money and then sold two arama fish for ID12 million.

"So, like this, the Arowana fish came from Hulu Suhaid, which was 13 hours from Pontianak. I bought IDR 12 million, 2 fishes. With the video he sent to me," said Eza Gionino, as reported by

Unfortunately, Eza actually received the fish in a condition different with the previous agreement.

"But it turns out that when the fish arrived at me it was not appropriate. The fish is defective. The eyes were drop, they don't look like the video, "Eza Gionino explained.

After that, Eza called Qory directly. However, Qory answered with an answer that ignited Eza's emotions, by saying 'I did not cheat I was only lying brother'. Not only that, the fish seller also threatened to kill Eza.

As reported by, Eza's child experienced vomiting of blood. So that made Eza think that this was Qory's doing.

"It means, logically one of my child's organ has been beaten by him until my child vomits blood. That's what I did not receive, "said Eza Gionino.

"I swear by God I am still very emotional, I still don't accept it. Which father can accept his child vomitting blood, "added Eza Gionino with a tense face and a halting voice.

For this threat, Eza acted decisively to bring this case to the realm of law.

Eza officially reported Qory to the Bogor Regional Police Station on Saturday (16 November 2019).

Against Qory Supiandy is charged with article 45 paragraph (4) and or article 45 b of RI Law no.19 of 2016 concerning amendments to Law No. 11 of 2008 concerning ITE and or article 335 of the Criminal Code.

The Eza report has now been registered with the number STBL / B / 628 / XI / 2019 / JBR / RES BGR.

In fact, the pesinetron had wanted to fly to Pontianak to meet and invite the Qory duel.

"I go (prison) again, it's okay, as long as he is, as long as you are Qory. I'm not afraid," Eza continued.

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