Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Wisma King in Selat Panjang Is Forced and Sealed


The condition of Wisma King is sealedThe condition of Wisma King is sealed - Wisma King, located on Jalan Belanak, West Selatpanjang Village, Tebing Tinggi Subdistrict, Kepulauan Meranti Regency, Riau, was forced to be forced to be closed and sealed by officers, on Sunday (11/17/2019).

Previously, the guesthouse was planned to be sealed by the Meranti Islands Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) following three previously closed houses. Namely Wisma Jawi - Jawi, Wisma Murni and Wisma Sempena.

Head of Satanti PP Meranti Islands, Helfandi said, indeed when visiting the guesthouse, the guesthouse was in a locked condition with a padlocked chain. In front of the entrance of the guesthouse written that the guesthouse is closed and will be sold.

But the Satpol PP did not want to believe it. After confirming the truth, the owner of the guesthouse to make a statement that the closure was based on their own desires.

"If yesterday they closed themselves and wanted to be sold, they have also made a statement, because they want to trick us and try to open secretly with the hotel permit mode still under management, we are forced to close and we seal it," said Helfandi.

Helfandi, also said that his party would not tolerate it, because the local government currently only gives hotel permits instead of guesthouses, with two-star facilities, and of course rooms must be increased, large parking lots and other facilities.

"If such conditions let alone apply for a permanent guesthouse permit, we cannot operate. They can operate if they meet the applicable terms and conditions," said Helfandi.

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