Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Gosh! Walking Alone, Women in Tasikmalaya Were Thrown by Sperm, This Man is the Perpetrator


The incidentThe incident - How indecent, sexual harassment in the form of sperm throwing occurred around the Tasikmalaya area, West Java.

Acts of sperm throwing terror have taken many female victims.

Reported by, the incident shocked social media because several victims posted such indecent treatment.

One of the victims' husbands, RF, claimed he did not accept his wife being abused like that.

He also posted a photo of the perpetrator who was immortalized by his wife.

From there RF knew that the victim was not only his wife.

RF then gets information about the perpetrators.

RF came directly to the residence of the perpetrators who were in Cihideung Subdistrict, Tasikmalaya City.

From the recognition of local residents, the perpetrators are already known to be happy to make trouble.

In their own environment, the perpetrators are also shunned because they often create problems.

The perpetrators of the sperm throwing terror have not been captured.

Now, the Tasikmalaya City Police Satreskrim is handling this case.

The victims also hoped that the perpetrators would soon be arrested.

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