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Myth! The Ritual of Faith Is No Longer Held, Tiger Man Guarding Mount Dempo Rages


IllustrationIllustration - A resident of Pulau Panas Village, Tanjung Sakti District, Lahat Regency, on Sunday (17 Nov) was reported to have been a victim of tiger malignancy.

Tigers pounced on residents again, even though the day before a tourist became a victim while in Mount Dempo. reporters (Tribune Network group) are still looking for detailed information related to the incident.

The incident was confirmed by the Head of Tanjung Sakti District, Awang Firmansyah.

Previously, the existence of the Tiger horrendous residents because it appeared in the tea garden area of ??the City of Pagar Alam.

Residents also saw footprints in the Muara Payang Lahat area.

The appereance of the tiger or what is commonly referred to as the local resident of Pagaralam "Granny Gunung"  makes the residents living in the area of ? Mount Dempo started to worry.

A captured by a mobile camera showed the figure of a tiger in the Dempo mountain area.

Not only that, residents also saw the tigers on the path of climbing Mount Dempo through the East Bukit Village climbing route.

Pagaralam Police Chief, AKBP Dolly Gumara SIk MH appealed to the whole community not to camp outside the Rimau Monument until it was safe.

"We urge the public to temporarily not carry out camping activities in the Rimau Monument area until the condition is safe," the police chief added.

In addition to patrolling, the police will also coordinate this matter with the tourism management in the Mount Dempo region.

Previously there was a tourist from Sekayu whose name was unknown, allegedly a victim of the wild beast.

The Head of the General Hospital of Besemah, Anca, confirmed that last night a patient entered the Besemah Hospital because he was thought to have been attacked by a tiger. The tourist was pounced on by a tiger while visiting Mount Dempo.

Investigate a calibaration, there is a myth or story behind the figure of the tiger guardian of Mount Dempo.

Tribunsumsel reported in 2018 ago, the figure of the tiger is the Masumai.

The Masumai is a tiger that can be transformed into a human.

He lives in the forest or on Mount Dempo.

Occasionally he shows himself to people, and is still believed to be the guardian of Mount Dempo.

"That was before. A belief. They called it Masumai. He was a tiger human guarding and dwelling on Mount Dempo, or Puyang," said cultural observer Mario Andramatik.

People believe these myths usually perform rituals or traditions of glorification, thanksgiving, or a habit that people do to the mountain. However, these rituals no longer exist.

But in the past, such beliefs and traditions still existed in the 1960s.

Along with the development of new religious teachings, habits and beliefs have been abandoned.

"Dempo is as long as it says" put down ". It means that it is elevated, sanctified or glorified. Now this is not the case, even tradition has been abandoned," said Vebri.

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