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Giant Python Snake Shocked Residents, This Man Fiercely Fight Against The Snake


Photo: InternetPhoto: Internet - A giant python shocked residents of Surabaya Lempung Temple Saturday (16 November 2019). The snake was successfully conquered by a resident named Mariyadi (41).

For 1 hour, residents and Mariyadi fiercely fight the giant python until its neck is wrapped around.

After successfully secured, the python is now a spectacle of local residents and children.

Initially the python was first discovered by a local housing security guard while on patrol.

Hearing this news, a resident named Mariyadi then came out and saw the snake.

Without too much thinking, Mariyadi immediately jumped into the river where the giant python was located.

He also had fallen due to the attack of this jumbo sized snake.

Aware of being hunted by local residents, the giant python had tried to escape.

However, before he succeeded in freeing itself from the threat of local residents, the python repeatedly made fierce resistance.

Mariyadi's body was wrapped around the snake's body folds.

An hour struggling to fight the reptiles, the snake was subdued after the residents rushed to ambush the snake with a special strategy.

That's by pinning the snake's head using an iron tool in the shape of the letter 'T', when it was felt the snake's movement was locked, the residents then flocked to snake the head of the snake with a layer of duct tape.

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