Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Crying All the Time, a 1-Year-Old Baby Girl Experienced Brain Injury and Broken Arm Due to Persecution of the Nanny


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Basically a nanny's job is to supervise the children of people who rent his services. Take care, and ensure these children that nothing bad happens to them when their parents leave. But not everyone is suitable to be a caregiver and take the responsibility.

The incident occurred in Taichung City, Taiwan, where a 1-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after her family noticed that the girl suffered injuries. After being examined by a doctor, the baby was said to have experienced intracranial bleeding, a broken arm, and visible bruises on his head, chest, and back.

Their 25-year-old caretaker, Ms. Guo, is suspected of being the suspect who caused the injury. Other caregivers in the house testified that Ms. Guo had helped the little girl take a shower before the child became unconscious. It is said that Guo has been caring for the baby girl since May this year, and he has stayed with her for 24 hours.

Based on the suspect's confession the incident began when he changed the baby girl's diaper, Guo was annoyed at him because he did not want to move his feet into the diaper properly. He was also frustrated because the two baby girls cried all the time. So, in the end he held the baby in the armpit to shake it violently.

The baby girl still never stopped crying, she also pulled the baby from her bed, causing the baby to fall to the floor, and break his arms.

The doctor who treated the wounds of the baby girl said that although saved from the brink of death, her chances to survive were small. The most terrible thing is a blood clot coming out of the baby's brain, the medical authorities say that the baby is likely to suffer irreversible brain damage.

During the trial, the caregiver still tried to ask for a lighter sentence because according to him the whole incident was an 'accident' and he did not intend for the bad thing to happen.

The mother, who was hysterical in court, said, "My daughter can barely survive because of you, and you have the courage to ask for a lighter sentence?"

Because of her many injuries, the poor little girl could only eat through nasogastric tubes and had to depend on drugs to survive for the rest of her life. His mother also had to bear substantial medical costs, including legal fees.

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