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A Couple of Husband and Wife Were Brutally Boosted by Wild Boards When Oil Palm Harvesting, Husband Killed Recognize


IllustrationIllustration - A couple in the District of Four Lawang, South Sumatra (South Sumatra), were attacked by wild boar while harvesting oil palm. The husband died tragically with a body full of wounds.

The incident began when the victim on behalf of Nurdin (53) and his wife Rohana were harvesting oil palm in a farm owned by another resident in Padang Surau Village, Pendopo Barat District, Sunday (17 November 2019).

At that time, Rohana was on a hill delivering the harvested palm fruit. Suddenly, she heard her husband's cry for help. She was surprised when she found out that her husband was brutally beaten by pigs.

"I help my husband use a palm harvest tool. But the pig attacked me instead," Rohana told reporters at his residence, Padang Surau Village, Pendopo Barat District, Empat Lawang District, Monday (18 November 2019).

Rohana then ran to ask for help to residents when attacked by these wild animals. After the residents rushed in to help the victims, they went straight to the crime scene, where her husband, Nurdin was attacked by pigs.

"But apparently my husband has died," he said.

The victim died with a pathetic wound. He suffered a torn wound on the left leg, and his left hand was almost broken. Then Nurdin's chest seemed to tear through the back of his neck.

"Yes, it is true that there were incidents of people being attacked by pigs," Kapolsek Pendopo, AKP Hariyanto confirmed the incident.

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