Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Desperate Wife Has a New Husband and Repeatedly Requests Divorce, Husband Self-Immolation


IllustrationIllustration - HF, a resident of Pondok Ranggon, Cipayung, East Jakarta reportedly set himself on fire. HF did the reckless action because his wife repeatedly asked for a divorce.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Cipayung Police Unit AKP Budi Setyanta said, HF watered his body with liquid gasoline inside a house on Jalan Raya Ganceng, Cipayung around 12.30 am.

"The information we have collected, this HF has also tried to commit suicide. This is due to household noise," he said in Jakarta, Monday (18 November 2019).

After receiving a report from the victim's neighbor, Budi said, the patrol officer then drove to the scene to rescue. "We received the report an hour before the incident. Our officers arrived at the scene before the victim set himself on fire," he said.

The officer tried to calm down HF, who at that time was holding a match. "We tried to calm down a few moments, but the lighter burned and burned his body," he said.

Victim suffers serious burns on the hands and back. "We immediately evacuated victims to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital. At present the victim is still undergoing intensive care," he said.

Budi added HF was a husband who often got into fights with his wife because he felt jealous. "His wife has another man. His wife has repeatedly asked for a divorce, but her husband (HF) does not want to," he said.

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