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Buried in the Funeral Home, the Injury of Tiger Attack Victim in Lahat Sumsel Raised Question Marks


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Kuswanto, a victim of the Tiger Attack in Lahat, South Sumatra, was buried in the Funeral Home.

Visible tear in the neck, shoulder and back. The suspicion of these injuries is due to the tiger being attacked.

Megerikan events that occurred on Saturday (16 November 2019) yesterday became an important lesson for residents to always be vigilant.

How not before local officials have appealed for residents in Pagaralam and Lahat to stop their activities around the area. If not, residents are threatened to become victims of tigers, aka the King of the Forest, as experienced by Kuswanto (28).

Based on information, the incident started when the victim was picking up at his coffee garden. Suddenly the tiger pounced. It happened at around 10:00 a.m. The victim was pounced on the neck dam and died on the spot.

Unlucky without realizing it came a tiger who immediately pounced on him until the victim died at the scene.

Residents who were previously in an uproar over the incident helped to bring victims from his coffee garden to the funeral home.

The police revealed that at this time the victim had been sent to a funeral home. According to him, due to the incident the victim suffered a torn wound in the neck. There are two deep wound points on the victim's neck.

The cause and how the incident in detail the tiger pounced Kuswanto is still a question mark.

Later it was rumored, if the wild animals that attacked Kuswanto were not tigers, but clouded leopards or tree tigers. To ensure this, two deadly wound points by Kuswanto are still being investigated by the Hospital and Lahat BKSDA.

Previously, it was reported that the victim had received help from residents who were also gardening not far from the victim's garden.

But Kuswanto's life was can't be helped because of a wound on his neck, although only one wound was severe and deadly.

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