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Monitor Oil and Gas Potential, EMP Bentu Ltd Promotes 3D Seismic Survey Program in Pelalawan and Kampar


(The atmosphere of 3D seismic survey socialization held at the Pelalawan District Office, Friday, November 15, 2019. Photo; ist)(The atmosphere of 3D seismic survey socialization held at the Pelalawan District Office, Friday, November 15, 2019. Photo; ist) -

In order to monitor the potential of oil and gas in his work area, EMP Bentu Ltd management held a 3D seismic survey. This activity was held in two places, namely at the Pelalawan Regent's Office on Friday (11/14/2019) and the Kampar Regent's Office, which had been held beforehand precisely on (7/11/2019).

After the two locations, the next series of socialization will take place at the sub-district and village levels that the survey activities have passed.

From the release received by, the socialization was conveyed by Geoscience Manager of EMP Bentu Ltd, Hendarman, accompanied by Area Manager of EMP Bentu Ltd, Yoyok S Purwanto, and GPA Div EMP Manager, Amru Mahali. This socialization was also attended by representatives from SKK Migas North Sumatra (Sumbagut) and the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office of Riau Province.

In his statement, Hendarman explained, 3D seismic surveys were carried out in several areas within Kampar and Pelalawan Districts. The plan, this activity will take up to approximately one year. While the total area to be used for this activity reaches 551 square kilometers.

For Pelalawan District, areas that will be affected by seismic paths include Langgam District, Bandar Sei Kijang, Kerinci Base and Kuras Base. While in Kampar, located in the District of Siak Hulu.

To note, seismic survey is one of the exploration activities to collect subsurface data, using a vibrating source and a special recording device. This activity is the initial stage of a series of oil and gas exploration activities before being used to see the potential of oil and gas in the EMP Bentu Ltd work area.

This socialization was welcomed by Kampar Regency Government and Pelalawan Regency Government. Assistant I Setdakab Kampar, Ahmad Yuzar, and Assistant III Setdakab Pelalawan, Emir Effendy, said that each party supported this activity. The government of the two regencies also hopes that oil and gas exploration and production activities in Kampar and Pelalawan districts run smoothly so that they can increase oil and gas revenue sharing (DBH) revenues in the regions.

Meanwhile, Energy Analyst in the Energy and Renewable Energy Department of Riau ESDM, Rudi Hartono, hopes that the 3D Seismic survey will run smoothly.

"This project is expected to be able to add oil and gas potential in Riau and open up new jobs for the surrounding community," he said. ***

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