Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Inhil Targets to be Free of Stunting, Health Department Launches Important Duration Program for Prospective Brides


(Health Office (Dinkes) of Indragiri Hilir District (Inhil) launches Pre-Conception Posyandu Program in Prevention of Stunting (photo / Rgo))(Health Office (Dinkes) of Indragiri Hilir District (Inhil) launches Pre-Conception Posyandu Program in Prevention of Stunting (photo / Rgo)) -

INHIL- District Health Office (Dinkes) of Indragiri Hilir District (Inhil) launched the Pre-Conception Posyandu Program in Prevention of Stunting (Important Duration).

"This year's National Health Day (HKN) is our momentum to improve health. Which, we used to focus on the issue of mothers, but now shifts to nutrition, namely prevention of Stunting," said Head of Inhil Health Office, H Zainal Arifin to the media crew after the activity 55th HKN at the Futsal Venue Building, Tembilahan, Monday 18 November 2019.

According to him, Important Duration aims to provide integrated and standardized health services to prospective brides.

As is known, Stunting is a chronic nutritional problem caused by a lack of nutrition in a long time. In general, stunting occurs because of food intake that is not in accordance with what is needed by the body.

For this reason, the program was launched in collaboration with the Office of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) of Inhil Regency and Muslimat Nahdatul Ulama (NU) of Inhil Regency.

This new breakthrough strives to prevent Stunting with integrated activities such as providing counseling and health services, reproductive health pocket books and blood-added tablets to brides-to-be from the Inhil Health Office.

Then provide counseling and marriage guidance to prospective brides from Kemenag Inhil. And finally giving KIE about the An-Nadiyah Maslahah family to the bride and groom of Muslim NU.

Integrated health and counseling services and added blood tablets, especially for prospective brides, are expected to create healthy women who will give birth to healthy generations.

"We will handle it if there are problems before having children. Our target is that in the next 5 years the stunting problem at Inhil is zero," he concluded. (R24 / Rgo)

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