Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Story of the Duanu Tribe, a Sea Tribe in Inhil District


Menongkah activity in Tanjung Pasir Village Tanah Merah Inhil DistrictMenongkah activity in Tanjung Pasir Village Tanah Merah Inhil District -

The Duanu tribe is one of the marine tribes that inhabit the coastal regions of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) Regency and is spread in several areas up to the Riau Islands Province.

The village of Tanjung Pasir, Tanah Merah District is a place where the Duanu people live who have a unique tradition and have survived until now, namely Menongkah clams.

This view of shelling is only found in the Duanu tribe settlement which also resides in several districts in Indragiri Hilir such as Tanah Merah and Concong Districts.

The Duanu tribe uses a tongkah tool as a unique tool used to look for types of blood shells. According to the story of the Duanu Tribal Chief, Sarpan Firmansyah, the existence of the Duanu Tribe is in line with the Indragiri Kingdom which was estimated to have been established in 1298 ago.

"The village of Tanjung Pasir was originally located across from Tanjung Baru Village which is rich in sand. Many people used to take sand there, but it began to decrease and slowly shifted to this place, the name of Tanjung Pasir itself we brought to be the name of this village," said Tribal chief.

He added, the main livelihoods of the Duanu people were fishermen who were looking for shells and other marine products.

"The Duanu are very brave in dealing with nature, shelling shells day and night without fear. How to catch shells needs full dexterity with cultural and economic values," he added.

He hopes that the Regional Government of Indragiri Hilir Regency can continue to make programs that directly touch the benefits for the Duanu people and the people of Tanjung Pasir Village.

"Hopefully in the future it can contribute more, especially to the development of Duanu tribal settlements so that it becomes even better," he concluded.

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