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Alfedri Regent Closed SISBR 2019, Bekasi City Wins First Place


Siak Regent, Alfedri with the 2019 SISBR championsSiak Regent, Alfedri with the 2019 SISBR champions - Siak Regent H Alfedri MSi closed the prestigious Siak International Boat Race (SISBR) Event in 2019, Sunday 17 November 2019.

The delivery of prizes for the winner of Siak Serindit Boat (SBR) 2019 was handed over directly by the Regent of Siak H. Alfedri MSi, to the winners at the Siak Bermadah courtyard.

Based on the results of the winners of the International Siak Serindit Boat Race winners, for the 1st place winner in the Bekasi City team, 2nd place was won by the Jakarta Fleet 1 team and for the 3rd place winner by the Johor, Malaysia team, ranked 4th in West Sumatra Agam Podsi.
Whereas the final winner was won by the Batu Hitam Bekasi West Java team, the 6th winner was the Podsi Riau team, the 7th winner from Podsi Kampar District and the 8th champion from the West Sumatra Pasaman team.

Siak Regent Alfedri said, the implementation of the third Siak International Serindit Boat Race this year went well and continued until the end of the match. He also mentioned, for this year 2019 the quality was better and for participants who had experienced an increase from 2018 ago. He hopes that with the event, Siak International Serindit Boat Race can introduce Siak to the outside world through tourism promotion with many people coming to Siak.

"International Siak Serindit Boat Race is expected to be able to increase tourist visits, so that with many who come to Siak, hopefully this will drive the community's economy," he said.
Alfedri also mentioned, carried out a variety of ivent sport tourism certainly part of all that is expected to increase tourism.

"This year there are 45 teams of Serindit Boat Race participants and 5 teams from abroad from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. In addition, 2019 also experienced an increase from 2018 where foreign participants only participated in one team, but now the foreign countries as many as 5 teams and also increased in the country, "he explained.

The Siak Regent said he would make an effort to improve next year and that participants were mainly expected to increase from overseas.

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