Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Controversial; in Order to Raise the Fund, Royal Veterinary College Students Make Calendars with Nude Photos


Veterinary students posed for their naked calendarVeterinary students posed for their naked calendar - Veterinary students use sheep to show their humility on a calendar judged strange. 

Commonly, in the end of the years, final year students at Royal Veterinary College in London have created a charity fundraising calendar.

But this year, in one of the Calender, featured a naked vet.

The picture caused 'indecent personal threats' on social media - and the RVC principal ordered the calendar to be banned.

RVC published an open letter after a bizarre dispute about the annual nude calendar.

"We have taken action to explain to our students why this behavior is inappropriate and have asked them to delete their calendar and photographs from the distribution immediately."

The school also said they would try to 'learn lessons about shared values, timely communication, support our students and the need to understand a changing world'.

RVC added: "There are no students to blame, individually or collectively, and we will work together to ensure this event does not happen again."

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