Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Tragic! Still 13 Years Old, This Girl was Pregnant And Jumped From the Roof After Being Raped By Six Men in Thailand


The victim, PinkieThe victim, Pinkie - A 13-year-old pregnant girl is suspected commiting suicide after she was detained and raped by six men.

The teenager identified by his nickname, Pinkie, reportedly jumped from an apartment at night on Friday in Bangkok, Thailand.

Before doing the action, the teenager took a picture of his legs hanging from the roof and sent it to a friend with a message that said: "I will go, I love you."

Her 45-year-old mother reported the attack to the police and told them that a group of six men arrested her daughter in a flat and raped her on the night of November 11.

She said that the rape left her daughter severely depressed.

Police have identified two suspects and arrested one of them after the raid at his home. The police also found firearms which should not be traded.

Krissana, from the Royal Thai Police, said: "The two suspects are facing charges for collaborating to sexually abuse the girl.

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