Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Dozens of Babies And Toddlers From ISIS Terrorists Who Were Jailed Were Flown to Moscow, Here's The Explanation


The children of ISIS prisoner were evacuatedThe children of ISIS prisoner were evacuated - A Russian foreign ministry plane has brought 32 children aged between one to three years to Moscow from Iraq, where their mother was jailed on terrorism charges.

Russian authorities say the 32 toddlers have been held in Iraqi prisons where their mothers are serving sentences or awaiting trial for membership of the Islamic State group.

Russia's health ministry said the children arrived in Moscow late Monday. They were taken directly to the hospital to undergo medical tests.

Countries such as the United Kingdom and France withdrew the citizenship of their citizens who became Islamic fighters. While the Russian government, especially Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, encouraged their residents to return.

But in early November, the head of Russia's FSB intelligence agency, Alexander Bortnikov, warned of the risk of the return of some 2,000 Islamist wives and children fighting in Iraq and Syria.

It is not clear who will look after the children when they arrive back in Russia, or where they will be moved.

There may be thousands of children in Iraq and Syria born to foreign fighters who have had no other place since their caliphate began to collapse in 2016.

British authorities say around 850 people from Britain have traveled to fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.

Moscow has been proactive in identifying children who are from Russia because it would be dangerous to let them grow up in a radicalized environment.

Kuznetsova's office said it had identified 123 Russian children in Iraq who needed settlement, and 699 Russian children in all regions who had been 'taken to the Middle East by their parents'. Those who have been brought by their parents can return to Russia.

About 5,000 Russians are believed to have flocked to the Islamic State group during its heyday at the beginning of this decade. At its peak he held territory covering most of northern Syria and Iraq, and claimed responsibility for terror attacks in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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