Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Riau Deputy Governor Shocked When Because of The Dense Number of Prisoners in Bengkalis Prison


(Deputy Governor of Riau Edy Natar visits Bengkalis Prison (photo / hari))(Deputy Governor of Riau Edy Natar visits Bengkalis Prison (photo / hari)) -

BENGKALIS - Deputy Governor of Riau (Deputy Governor) Edi Natar Nasution during a working visit to Bengkalis IIA Lapas was shocked and admitted that he was very concerned about the condition of the occupants in Bengkalis Class IIA Correctional Institution (Lapas) which had already greatly exceeded the limit or over capacity.

Actually, for prison capacity II A Bengkalis 392 people. And now Bengkalis prison is forced to be filled with 1,607 more prisoners (inmates), and prisoners.

"After seeing it, we are concerned with the conditions conveyed, the capacity is only 392 people but currently filled with more than 1,600 people, certainly very alarming. Although almost all prison conditions are like that," said Deputy Governor Edi Natar Nasution told a number of reporters in Lapalis II Bengkalis , Tuesday, November 19 2019.

Of 1,607 more prisoners in Bengkalis Prison, 87 percent of the residents are cases of drug abuse.

"There must be regional efforts to overcome the prison conditions beyond this capacity, it will not be as easy as one might imagine, one of which is the legal foundation and must comply with the provisions. Although it is good intentions, it is not necessarily good. Not according to the rules will cause problems," said Deputy Governor.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Bengkalis Regency Parliament, Khairul Umam who at that time was also accompanying Deputy Governor Edi Natar Nasution, also claimed to be concerned with the current condition of the prison capacity.

To overcome this problem, there has also been an effort to hold hearings, Lapas Class IIA proposed that prisoners' residential buildings be increased with a budget of around Rp 6 billion.

Khairul Umam will also try to fight for the budget and re-coordinate with the Bengkalis Regency Local Government Budget Team (TAPD).

"And God willing, we will fight for it, for the next 2020 budget and will be consulted again with TAPD, because from the proposal of Rp6 billion, there has been an approval of Rp1 billion. By looking at the condition of prison capacity up close, the additional budget can be considered," said Khairul Umam.

Present during the visit of the Deputy Governor to Bengkalis Prison, including, Bengkalis Police Chief AKBP Sigit Adiwuryanto, Dandim 0303 / Bengkalis Lt. Col. Inf. Timmy Prasetya Harmianto, Representative of Binda Riau Lt. Col. Inf Bahtiar, Right Kesbang Pol H Hermanto Baran and other entourage. (R24 / HAri)

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