Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Two PBSI Inhil Athletes Escaped National Championship


The Chairman of PBSI Inhil, Feriyandi when accompanying Inhil Athletes at Kejurprov RiauThe Chairman of PBSI Inhil, Feriyandi when accompanying Inhil Athletes at Kejurprov Riau - Two Inhil Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) Inhil Regency qualify to be able to participate in the 2019 Badminton National Championship in Palembang. The two athletes are Mhd Taufiq and M Ihsan Albanjari, who will play in the Men's Taruna Doubles category.

Chairman of PBSI Inhil, Ferryandi when confirmed confirmed the news. "Both athletes were selected to take part in the National Championship after being runners up in the Men's Taruna Doubles category at the 2019 Riau Provincial Championship (Kejurprov) in Rengat, Inhu then," Ferryandi said.

The Badminton National Championship this time will be held in Palembang, on the 24th to 28th November 2019. "At least we have departed on the 22nd of this month," Ferryandi continued.

He admitted that the time that was only a few days away must be maximized so that his party would continue to make preparations, such as routine training and keep athletes physically fit when competing at the National Championship later. "Yesterday, after returning from Inhu we immediately practiced preparation," continued Ferryandi who is also the chairman of the Inhil DPRD.

Meanwhile Rusdiar, as the coach of the two athletes, was sure his fostered children would be able to compete with other athletes. "They are used to competing, only the mentality must be improved, because the National Championship is different from the National Conference, because the opponents are from all over Indonesia," said Rusdiar.

Head of the PBSI Inhil Organization HM Hatta Mas'ud, said he was proud that there was an Inhil athlete who was chosen to take part in the 2019 Badminton Championship in Palembang.

"This is an extraordinary achievement for PBSI Inhil, with the management that has only been running for about five months, we have been able to send athletes to compete at National Championship," he said.

He hopes that Altet PBSI Inhil who follows the National Championship can give the name of Inhil and Riau in general. "Keep your stamina, sportsmanship, be polite and polite during the competition, God willing, that will be the capital of victory," he ordered.

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