Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

In 1 Day Siak Regional Police Secure 4 Drug Dealers in Two Districts at Once


IllustrationIllustration - 'Eradicate Narcotics', the statement does not seem to be just a boastful word that came out of the Siak Resort Police. This was proven, when the Siak Police Satnarkoba arrested 4 people suspected of drug-shabu-shabu type drug dealers in different places on the same date, Monday 18 November 2019.

After securing a married couple who were arrested by the Mandau Police Criminal Unit, the Siak Police Satnarkoba also succeeded in securing 2 residents of Tualang Subdistrict in different places.

The results of the arrests of 4 people, can not be separated from the role of people who dare to provide information to the police related to the activities or activities of drug distribution.

"Earlier, in the morning at 00.12 WIB, Mandau Police had secured a Pasutri suspected of selling drugs in Muara Bungkal District, Sei Mandau Subdistrict, with evidence of 23 packages of suspected Narcotics Type Shabu weighing 6.61 grams. And at 01.00 WIB and 02.00 WIB officers succeeded in securing 2 people in the Tualang district, "said AKBP Siak Police Chief Doddy Sanjaya through the AKP Jailani Narcotics Unit, Monday 18 November 2019.

He explained, the arrest in the District of Tualang against the first suspect with the initials ARP who is often called Abe found 1 packet suspected of methamphetamine weighing 0.28 grams.

"We obtained Sabu weighing 0.28 grams from Abe on Jalan Sejahtera Gg. Sejahtera I RT 007 RW 005 Perawang Village, Tualang, Siak Regency, and the perpetrator claimed to have obtained the item from a woman named Dewi who has now entered the People's Search List. (DPO) Sinarkoba Siak Regional Police, "he explained.

The officer who is often called Bang Jay also said that the arrest of the second perpetrator was also information from the public. Which, in the hands of this second perpetrator, the police found evidence of 1 packet of methamphetamine with a gross weight of 0, 39 Gram and 1 packet of Dried Marijuana Leaves with a gross weight of 2.56 Gram.

"IF or Tampuak, we secure his residence, which is behind Pipa Caltex, RT 005 RW 001 Perawang Village, Tualang District, Siak Regency, this perpetrator claimed to have obtained from someone he did not know who was in the city of Pekanbaru," he explained.

AKP Jailani continued, explaining, from the statements of the perpetrators, his party would continue to develop the names mentioned by the perpetrators.

"We will investigate everything, from where they get the illicit goods, and wherever they transact, we are investigating," he said.

Siak Regional Police also thanked the community for providing information related to drug transaction activities in the Siak Regional Police jurisdiction.

"Thank you very much to the people who have participated in helping the police in uncovering the crime of drug crime. We appeal to all people who see, hear and know about the existence of drug activity, so immediately report it to the police," he appealed.

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