Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Succeeding Pilkades, Siak Regional Police Mobilizes 118 Personnel


Siak Police Chief, AKBP Doddy F SanjayaSiak Police Chief, AKBP Doddy F Sanjaya - Succeeding in the election of a village headman or simultaneous village head in Siak Regency, Siak Regional Police deployed 118 personnel for security, Wednesday 20 November 2019.

All personnel will secure 59 polling stations (TPS) in 45 villages spread across 11 subdistricts. Each TPS will be guarded by 2 personnel.

"All personnel who carry out security will coordinate with the Pamatwil Team consisting of the Kapolsek and Officers to monitor and supervise voting activities," explained Siak Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Doddy Ferdinan Sanjaya.

The number 1 person at Siak Police Station also advised members of the National Police to always maintain neutrality, and avoid actions that could harm neutrality during the election process. "We emphasize to all Polri personnel to maintain neutrality, don't take sides," he stressed.

He continued to explain, to date, based on reports from field officers, the security and order situation of the community is still safe and conducive, the potential for friction to date has been zero. Although the political intensity ahead of the election among supporters increases, but there is no potential for friction.

"Let us together succeed in this pilkades, by maintaining unity and unity so that this implementation can run peacefully, safely, coolly," he concluded.

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