Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

sensational! Demolition of Stalls of Perawang Triangle Market Traders Canceled, Subdistrict Head of Advent Impressed Plin-plan


Segitiga Perawang Traditional MarketSegitiga Perawang Traditional Market - Had a stir, the discourse of the forced demolition of merchant stalls selling at the location of the Caltex Kilometer 4 Perawang triangular pipe on November 21, 2019 tomorrow, by the Tualang District was canceled.

The cancellation of the dismantling of the traders' stalls was known after the Tualang Subdistrict had coordinated with the Tarukim Siak Public Works Service, citing a lack of budget.

"Tomorrow, the market will not be dismantled," said Tualang Zalik Sub-district Head, Efendi SSos, when met by after attending an event at a well-known hotel in Tualang District, Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

In fact, some time ago, the Tualang District Government had sent an appeal letter with the number: 300 / TIB-KT / 589 signed by Tualang Sub-District Head, Zalik Effendi, SSos, addressed to traders.

The forced demolition of the stalls of traders was due to the construction of a city park in the caltex pipe triangle area, as well as maintaining the beauty and beauty of the industrial town of Perawang.

It is known, the location which is owned by the Joint Operations Agency (BOB) of PT Bumi Siak Pusako (BSP), has long been discussed for the construction of a park. However, it was never built because the location was made a market by traders.

In the appeal letter, traders were asked to immediately dismantle their shanties and move to the people's markets that had been provided by the Siak Regency Government since 2018.

"We will give until November 20, 2019, if it persists there, we will force it to dismantle it," said Tualang Zalik Sub-district Head Effendi, Wednesday, November 6, 2019.

To this day, trading activities in the 4 km triangle market of Tualang look normal, traders are still selling solidly on the land owned by PT BSP.

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