Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

45 Villages Carry Out Simultaneous Pilpung, Siak Regent Alfedri Hopes Voter Participation Rates Reach 75 percent


Siak Regent, Alfedri when reviewing the implementation of Pilpung in SiakSiak Regent, Alfedri when reviewing the implementation of Pilpung in Siak - In accordance with the schedule that has been set, the Siak regency today Wednesday, November 20, 2019 held the election of village heads simultaneously in 45 villages in all Siak districts.

Siak Regent Alfedri during a review of the readiness of the village head election in Kampung Suak continued in Siak sub-district, Siak Regency said that community participation was quite high in this year's pilpung.

"This pilpung has been well prepared from each of the stages. Today we are conducting a review of readiness, the implementing committee in the village of Suak Advance, Siak district," said Alfedri.

He continued, There are around 168 candidates for village leaders who will compete for the position of head in 45 villages. In accordance with the experience of two years ago, community participation in exercising their right to vote was higher compared to legislative elections, even the presidential election even.

"Perhaps at the same time as the leadership in each village, the community's expectations are very high using their white rights," he hoped.

He further explained, the selection of the village which was held simultaneously today, the headman who was chosen according to the wishes of the community, and the best for the community, so that the hope is that the simultaneous election will run successfully and safely.

Meanwhile for Suak Lanut Village of the total population, the Permanent Voter List DPT is 1415 people. Divided in two polling stations from the direct observation conducted by the Siak Regent until 09.40 WIB in the morning, the DPT has entered 45 percent, in line with the expectations of the regents from all villages conducting voting, it is expected that voter participation will increase by 75 percent.

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