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Want to Look Beautiful With Affordable Prices? This a Terrible Story of a Woman You Must Read First


The pathetic condition of Lindsay's breastsThe pathetic condition of Lindsay's breasts

A woman who wants to 'look beautiful at the age of 40' reveals how her dream to have a better body actually makes her permanently injured - after she is infected with a meat-eating bacterial infection.

Lyndsay Colosimo, 38, from Florida, initially went to Colombia for a price-cutting operation, underwent tummy tuck, breast reduction, and homeless at a cost of $ 10,000 (£ 7,700).

However, after her body struggled with a surgeon's knife for five and a half hours, she suffered from necrosis. The disease causes the skin tissue to die until it turns black.

So she was forced to do several more operations to cure, including removing the nipples. In the operation, she eventually had to spend as much as $ 40,000 (£ 31,000) in debt.

Lyndsay, said he had previously decided to operate in Colombia at first because she had friends who had similar operations and had positive experiences.

Besides money, Lindsay's time was also taken up again. She was supposed to stay in Columbia for 20 days but due to these complications, she was forced to stay for another 12 days.

Lindsay explained her suffering that a large incision wound occurred in her breasts because her breast pouches were not large enough for the implants.

Her breast skin was torn, and looked very scary.

She also had a fever and continued to show signs of infection.

Her stomach was nauseous, a form of fluid came out of her navel and a massage therapist was sent to her hotel room. A razor is also used to cut the incision and massage the liquid out.

"It's not clean and the hotel room is not a sterile environment.

Massage oil is not good near an open wound - I ignored all restrictions because I was desperate, "she explained.

Upon returning to the United States, she said she immediately went to the hospital and claimed an E. coli infection was found in her breasts and a revision operation needed to be done again in her stomach.

Lyndsey said that she needed a weekly wound vaccination and a doctor to change the bandages every day, until finally she recovered and was allowed to be discharged from the hospital on November 20.

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