Monday, 13 Jul 2020

Pathetic! a Justice Enforcement Judge Was Found Death Mysteriously in a Car in the Middle of the Forest


The judge Jamaluddin was found with his car in the oil palm plantation areaThe judge Jamaluddin was found with his car in the oil palm plantation area - On Friday (28 November 2019), residents of Suka Rame Village, North Sumatra were horrified by the discovery, a male death body. The body was found dead in a black Toyota Land car with police license number BK 77 around 13.00 WIB.

According to information received, the car and victim were found by a resident in a cliff located in the community's palm plantation area.

In more detail the police informed that the victim was first discovered by a local farmer who reported it to the Kutalimbaru Police Station by telephone.

The police immediately moved to the scene, and found the victim was in a luxury car in the ravine.

The victim was found lying rigid in the middle seat of the car.

After a series of cases were conducted, the victim was taken to the Bhayangkara Hospital in Medan for an autopsy.

The victim was said to be a judge who served in the Medan District Court.

In his daily life among the media, the victim, Jamaluddin is known as the Medan District Public Relations.

Kompol Eko Hartanto confirmed that the incident was true, but could not yet explain the chronology of the death of the victim.

When asked whether Jamalludin was the victim killed, Eko said for a while the suspicion was killed.

"Temporarily killed," he explained.

Kompol Eko Hartanto also said that there was a wound in the neck.

"After being checked about the state of the victim's body, there was a bruise on the neck that was blackened. From the nose, a slightly yellowish-colored liquid came out," he concluded.

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