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Severe! Husband Stabbed Wife For Many Times in Front of Children and Crowds, Until Neighbors Became Powerless to Help



A frightened 6-year-old child. Residents in Pekon Atar Kuaw, West Lampung, became excited and gathered on Saturday (30 November 2019).

As he ran, the boy shouted 'Father stabs Mak'.

The child became a witness to the case of a husband who had a wife stabbed to death in West Lampung.

The perpetrator named Suyanto (39) hacked his wife, Maria Ulfa (35) to death on Saturday (30 November 2019).

That was because the husband suspected that his wife was having an affair.

The Head of the Village (Peratin) Antar Kuaw, West Lampung, Tri Aryogi said, the case of the wife being stabbed by her husband to death began when the victim was washing clothes behind his house.

Suddenly, continued Tri Aryogi, Suyanto came from behind.

The perpetrator immediately slashed his wife.

Unfortunately, said Tri Aryogi, Suyanto's action was witnessed by their 6-year-old child.

"Then, the child ran away asking for help from the residents. 'Like stabbing Mak', said the child," said Tri Aryogi, Sunday (12 December 2019).

Despite getting a barrage of attacks, said Tri Aryogi, the victim had fled and asked for help.

"The victim, after being hacked while washing his clothes, escaped to the front of the house to ask for help."

"However, when the victim fell, the perpetrator still tried chased by the perpetrators and hacked again," said Tri Aryogi.

Seeing the incident, continued Tri Aryogi, residents around the victim's house tried to help calm Suyanto.

But Suyanto actually added even more crazy.

He tried to hack the people who would help the victim.

"At that time the residents had intervened, but the perpetrators instead swung their machetes to residents until they were injured in the hands," explained Tri Aryogi.

"When it's crowded, the perpetrators are secured," explained Tri Aryogi

When the residents secured it, said Tri Aryogi, Suyanto had fought as if he was possessed.

"The perpetrators tried to fight, like they were possessed," said Tri Aryogi.

The tragic event occurred around 10:00 am. The incident reached the road, not far from the victim's residence.

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