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The Responsibility is to Protect the Community Well, This Police Team Instead Caught Wrong Person and Tortured Him Until He Was Hospitalized


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The case of the police arrested again occurred, the sweepers in Makassar had been persecuted by the police. Upon returning, the victim's vital organs were bleeding and damaged due to electric shock.

The unfortunate incident was experienced by Salman (21) young man who worked daily as a sweeper in the Kalimbu market, Makassar.

Reporting from the Makassar Tribune, the tears of her mother, Asma (57) were constantly flowing when telling stories of cases of violence that befell her son, Salman some time ago.

How not, it's due to the violence that being experienced, now her son is lying helpless with his limp body and physical injury.

Based on information provided by Salman's mother, the incident began when the child went out at night to buy uduk rice on October 13, 2019.

While on the way to buy the uduk rice (Indonesian's particular food), Salman suddenly was hit by a black mini bus and forced to get into the car.

When Salman was pulled into the car by a number of men, there were several residents who watched.

Four men claiming to be the police got out of the car and showed a Letter of Acceptance of Complaints from Makassar Police.

Lapse of four days from the incident, Salman was sent back in a state of weakness and helplessness.

His return was accompanied by a number of men dressed as police besides escorting Salman, they also rummage Salman's house to look for evidence.

After the rummage, her son was brought back to the Rappocini police station.

"I joined, we are apparently being taken to Rappocini Sector Police with them," Asma said.

For two days Salman was secured at the Rappocini police station without being able to be visited, Asma suddenly received news that her son had been rushed to Bhayangkara Hospital for treatment.

While at the hospital, Asma knew that her child had experienced a number of tortures.

After being investigated, it turns out that Salman became a victim of cellphone theft and was accused of involvement in eviction cases.

Right on October 20, 2019, Salman was rushed to the hospital because he severes a number of internal injuries.

Sadly, Salman reportedly suffered a swollen wound in the chest and a deep wound in his genitals.

Based on the story revealed by Asma, her child suffered a number of torture by a number of police officers for the sake of the examination process.

Even worse, Salman's genitals were electrocuted to bleed with open wounds.

According to Asma, her child was tortured to this extent in order to make him confess that he did a mistake he never did.

Reported from the Makassar Tribune, while being tortured, said Salman, he was asked to confess that he theft a cellphone.

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