Saturday, 30 May 2020

Metal Grills Are Located On the Road And Disturb Riders, Only This Man Who Cares And Dares to Resist Danger


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet

Large objects that are carelessly on the road can be very dangerous for drivers because they can cause damage to their cars or even put them at risk of an accident.

Mostly, when the driver sees an obstacle on the road, they will most likely avoid it and bypass it. However, not with this kind-hearted man.

On December 1, a Facebook netizen posted a video where a metal grill was seen lying in the middle of the road near the Jejantas Restaurant on Sungai Buloh.

Some drivers don't seem to care. They just try to avoid and pass the object.

Until, a man pulled over to the side of the road. From the car he was driving, the middle-aged man came out and ran to do dangerous action. He tried to cross the road and used his hands to warn the driver to slow down.

He passed three lanes as the cars drove past him, at that time the man could be said to be putting his life in danger.

He then took a metal grill that looked quite heavy, and waited for dozens of cars to pass before inching toward the road.

Some motorcyclists are willing to slow down their vehicles, while others don't seem to care to help the nice man.

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