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Mysterious! a Well in Sukabumi Killed 3 Victims in Turn, Here's the Explanation


Three residents were found dead misteriously in the well in Kampung Kamandora, West Java, Sunday (1 December 2019) evening.

The three residents were each father and son-in-law, Dudung (52) and Ade Rohman (27) and neighbor Nurdin (54).

All three are registered as local villagers. The three victims were successfully evacuated from a well with a depth of about nine meters by the combined Search and Rescue (SAR) team.

Head of RT 03 RW 10 Ugan Suganda (60) said that the three had died when they were evacuated from the well.

Before being evacuated, Ugan could see the condition of the well water from above. Not knowing what was the reason that these three residents were killed at that well. The obvious thing is , the surface of the well water is still and shere are no visible bubbles of water.

Ugan explained that there were residents who would come down to help in the well, but he prevented it, because he knew it would definitely be dangerous.

Based on information obtained, the mysterious incident initially occurred during the process of installing a water pump in the well.

The person who installed the water pump was Ade Rohman. Suddenly, when he was in the well he fell and shouted for help.

After that, his father-in-law, Dudung went down to the well to help his son-in-law Ade. However, surprisingly Dudung also fell into the well.

Knowing this, Mr. Nurdin who was hoeing in his rice field, immediately helped. As if it wasn't enough to eat two victims, the well made Pak Nurdin fall.

Last night the three bodies were buried in their respective funeral homes. Previously the three bodies had been evacuated to Sekarwangi Regional Hospital for post mortem.

It is planned that the three bodies will be buried in the local village public cemetery (TPU) on Monday (02 December 2019) tomorrow morning.

Until now the cause of death of the three victims can be said to be still mysterious. However, the suspicion is that the well contains dangerous poisons.

The evacuation process of the three victims in the well which was suspected to be poisonous also involved a number of institutions, including firefighters (Damkar), Caring Scouts, ACT, BPBD and elements of Muspika Cibadak, Karangtengah Village and the community.

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