Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

The Death Body of a Woman with a Burned Face Was Found Rotting in a Boarding Room, Here's the Position of the Death Body



A female death body was rotted in a dorm room in Kebomas District, Gresik.

Not knowing what caused the death of this corpse, when it was found, the face on the corpse looked charred, her stomach was enlarged. She wore a green shirt with batik motif complete with black pants on her body.

What a terrible sight, both of his legs rot. Her hands are stretched out. Her decaying body was on a blue mattress.

The corpse was evacuated out of the boarding room at Panglima Sudirman Street, Sudimoro, Kebomas, Gresik this afternoon.

Residents flocked to see the corpse of an unidentified woman coming out of a boarding room to an ambulance.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Kebomas Sector Police, Iptu Sujai said that his party could not talk much at this time.

"The body was temporarily in the morgue of Ibnu Sina Regional Hospital," he told on Sunday (1 December 2019).

Until now it was not clear about the bodies being killed or committing suicide. He said he was still waiting for the results of the examination conducted by the hospital.

"We can not conclude, waiting for the results of the post mortem. I am still looking for the father of the boarding house," Iptu Sujai added.

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