Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

Shame! 6 Years of Dating, on the Day of the Marriage the Candidate of Husband Was Not Coming, the Bride Fainted


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The fate of the bride from Thailand is really sad.

The long-awaited wedding day turned into a disaster.

The bride named Arunee Jaengkrachang must hold shame because her future husband Boonyang Sawatdee did not come on the wedding day.

I was so embarrassed, Arunee was not strong until she fainted at the aisle.

Even though the invited guests had already come to the location of the wedding party in Khao Din Village, Thailand on October 22 last.

The wedding party with all the trinkets is ready.

But after waiting for so long, the groom did not also appear.

It turned out that the bridegroom actually ran away on the day he was supposed to get married.

The bride left crying and feeling humiliated.

Her family was not only embarrassed but also angry because she had already ordered expensive catering.

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