Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Just Because of Not Serving Well When Fulfilling the Gasoline, This Young Man Followed And Killed a Gas Station Employee



The sadistic murder case shocked the residents of Paal Dua Village, North Sulawesi, Sunday (1 December 2019) morning. A gas station employee died covered in blood with eight sharp stab wounds in his boarding room.

Based on information summarized by iNews, the identity of the victim is known as Andreas Pempe (20).

Tikala police chief AKP Bartholomeus Dambe said the murder case was motivated by the offender's heart towards the victim. The chronology began when the perpetrators came to fill fuel at the gas station where the victim worked. But at that time, he who had been in line, was not served to fill premium fuel types.

Both of them even had an argument to quarrel. The perpetrator harbored pain and secretly followed the victim. When the victim returned to the boarding house not far from the location of the gas station, the perpetrators immediately attacked.

For the sake of investigation, the bodies of the victims were evacuated by officers to the Bhayangkara Hospital (RS) to undergo an autopsy. While the KK perpetrators who had been arrested were examined intensively by investigators at the Tikala Police Station.

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