Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

DPMK Siak Provides Siskudes Application for Financial Village Governance


(Village financial governance is a serious concern by the Siak Regency government (photo / int))(Village financial governance is a serious concern by the Siak Regency government (photo / int)) -

SIAK- Village financial governance is a serious concern by the Siak Regency government so that its realization can be accounted for and in accordance with its purpose. For its application, there is now an application for a village financial system (Siskeudes) which began in 2017.

Head of the Siak Regency Community and Village Empowerment Service (DPMK), Yurnalis, said the current Siskeudes application has found its definite form. Siskeudes have been implemented throughout Siak Regency, to assist the village in implementing village financial governance effectively and efficiently.

"This Siskeudes has been started since 2016, its application in 2017 and in 2018 has been equipped with the OMSPAN system," explained Yurnalis.

According to him, the main purpose of the Siskeudes application is for the village apparatus to have facilities when conducting financial management processes. And accountability can be accounted for.

"If the Village Government can carry out its governance well and accountably. It is hoped that legal issues that may occur related to financial management can be avoided, said Yurnalis, Monday (02/12/2019) after the workshop at the Siak Regent's office.

He asked the village head not to be afraid of using village funds to realize creative ideas. According to him, many village heads are afraid to use village funds for things outside of infrastructure development, even though the government is currently encouraging villages to be financially independent.

Yurnalis said, the Siskeudes application that had been upgraded for 2020 there was the addition of a number of features that made it easier for the village government in the process of financial management and accountability in the village.

For this reason, he welcomed what BPKP and the resource persons had done in the context of the socialization of the latest village financial system application.

Network problems are an obstacle in each village, for this reason Journalists submit using the application at times that are not busy, such as at night.

In addition to conducting socialization, education and training for the empowerment of village officials, the DPMK routinely conducts "Tour de Kampung". It aims to listen directly to the aspirations and problems that exist in the midst of society, including the implementation and financial management with the Siskeudes application.

Putra Fajar Penghulu Kampung Bandar Sungai appreciated the workshop. Through this activity he can understand the functions of the Siskeudes. This relates to funds disbursed to the village government, so that the village government can utilize the funds for the community.

Related to constraints, according to him only on network issues. He hopes this can be overcome soon.

"So far the constraints are only the network, if again we are doing 'error' at night. In addition, we have also informed the use of village funds for one budget year, which we long in the Village Government Office page" he explained. (R24 / Lin)

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