Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Improving Community Economy, PT Arara Abadi Realized Plant Life in Pelalawan


 (Together with PT Arara Abadi residents Realizing living plants) (Together with PT Arara Abadi residents Realizing living plants) -

PELALAWAN - PT Arara Abadi (PT AA) which is part of the Asia Pulp & Paper-Sinar Mas Forestry (APP-SMF) District of Nilo continues to realize a life management plant partnership program in stages in Kesuma Village, Pelalalawan District.

The life plant program that has been running for the past year is the Manihot glaziovii planting program or commonly referred to by the community as cassava poison. Whereas the ones that will be planted next are the areca nut, coconut, rubber and palm sugar plants.

Nasrun, a resident of Dusun Satu, Kesuma Village, Pangkalan Kuras District who is believed to be the Chairperson of the Cooperative / Chairperson of the Kesuma Village Group, said, so far he has been a NIlo River Fish fisherman since 1990. As a fisherman, he only earns an average of Rp500 thousand per week for support 1 wife and 5 children.

"Our current income as fishermen is only around Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 600 thousand per week, an average of 500 thousand per week. We don't want any other business such as farmers or gardening," said the man born in Lubuk Kembang Bungo.

Residents then wrote to the Minister of Forestry. At the direction of the minister they were mediated by the Village, Subdistrict and Pelalawan District Governments to collaborate with the Arara Abadi company.

"According to the instructions of the Minister of Forestry we can use the Arara Abadi HTI concession on condition that we are not allowed to plant palm-type living plants, but what is permitted to be planted is plant species such as coconut and rubber and others," he said.

The local government, he continued, then formed a village team, and he is entrusted as the Head of the Village Team, to realize the plants of life.

"Right now we are working with investors for Aren and Toxic intercropping plants. The Aren plants are our community's request, as long as those that have been planted today are poison yams," he said.


In addition to sugar palm and sweet potato poison, residents are also interested in growing sorghum (Sorghum spp), a type of wheat producing wheat flour. "We have talked with our investors, and they have talked with the Bogasari Company to receive sorghum from the public," he explained.

Nasrun hopes that in the implementation of planting in PT Arara Abadi's land there will be no obstacles or obstacles and continue to receive support from PT Arara Abadi.

Responding to that, Head of Community Development / Corporate Social Responsibility) Jos Rinaldi accompanied by PT AA Public Relations District of Nilo Zailun explained that this social management plant life program is a commitment and manifestation of the company's concern for the lives of the people living around the company's concession area in order to experience economic improvement.

"This will continue to be guarded and carried out, including our commitment to plant life in other areas that are around the company's operations. We also hope that all follow the processes and stages that do require time," he said.

Currently it has built 500 hectares of living plants and partnerships in the form of rubber, coconut, areca nut, sugar palm plants combined with cassava, corn and sorghum. ***


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