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Mysterious Explosion at Monas; the Left Hand of a TNI Member is Broken, Here's His Condition


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A mysterious explosion that occurred around the National Monument (monas) surprised many parties.

Pangdam Jaya, Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono revealed the current condition of two TNI Members who were victims of the explosion at Monas, Gambir, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (03 December 2019).

Two victims were Serma Fajar, and Kopka Gunawan.

Previously the Jakarta Police Chief, Inspector General Gatot Eddy Pramono explained that the explosion occurred because of smoke grenades.

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"The team's findings in this field are exploding smoke grenades," Inspector General Gatot Eddy Pramono was quoted as saying on YouTube Kompas TV.

Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono then explained that the two victims of the smoke grenade explosion were now being treated at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital.

Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono added that the condition of Serma Fajar's left hand was very severe.

Serma Fajar's left hand seemed cut off.

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"The first victim is in the name of Serma Fajar, who is likely to have a bad left hand," said Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono.

He explained the severing of Serma Fajar's hand because he was holding the smoke grenade.

"Because when he held a smoke grenade he used his left hand," said Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono.

Even though the condition of his hand was severe, Serma Fajar was conscious.

"Even he still had time to sit, not a victim who is quite serious," he added.

Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono explained that at that time it was the schedule of members of the TNI to exercise.

"The second is lighter (Kopka Gunawan), even he is asking for help," said Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono.

Even though Kopka Gunawan also suffered a wound on the thigh.

Luckily, both of them were still conscious after the explosion.

That was said by the Military Commander Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono during a press conference with the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector General Gatot Edy which was held at Monas.

Until now, the TNI is also still gathering more complete information from the two victims about the origin of the explosion.




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