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Fighting Against Two Robbers Bravely, the Hand of This 18-Year-Old Boy is Bloody Being Hit


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Robbers are getting bolder today! It is not enough to steal your things, if you try to stop them, they will attack you with weapons.

In order not to cause a scene when in action, the thieves will usually try to be cunning so people at home are not aware of their actions.

However, the two robbers on Tapah did a very brave action. They turned on the lights in the middle of the night. Then enter a house when the occupants of the house are asleep and enter the room of an 18-year-old child.

The child was reported to be sleeping soundly when the robbers entered. They were also free to turn on the lamp switch in the room. The boy woke up when he heard the robber robbed of his belongings and shouted at them. One of the robbers who had a machete immediately reacted and wanted to cut the teen's head.

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However, the child quickly raises his hand to defend himself. So that, his right hand got hit and bleeding. The brave teen then grabbed a fan in his room and stood up to fight the robber, shouting that there was a burglar in his house. Not stopping there, the child chases them into the living room. His father awoke to hear the sound of a fight and immediately approached.

The father rushed out to help his son and the robbers failed. They immediately rushed out and ran away using their car, Perodua Myvi. As if that wasn't enough, the robbers who failed tried to crash the father and son, but fortunately, they managed to avoid the car.

The father took his son to the hospital because his hand was severely injured and the doctor said that he had to undergo emergency surgery. Fortunately, after surgery, he is now recovering. The robbers managed to escape with a laptop and cellphone and might steal more if the brave teenager did not try to stop them.

Based on the robber's information, it turned out to be targeting the houses of residents whose inhabitants had fallen asleep. The witness also said that the robber was rather stout. The father added that they did not look like locals and warned his neighbors to stay alert to robbers.


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