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Scary, After Being Killed This Woman Was Found in the Condition Where the Cutter Knife Sticking in One of Her Body


The evacuation processThe evacuation process

A female corpse was found so pathetic in her dorm room on Jalan Punak, Medan City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Wednesday (12 December 2019). She was allegedly a murder victim.

The victim is known as Alung Harahap (25), and is familiarly called Bian.

Based on the case crime scene (TKP), the victim is thought to have died due to a stab wound in her neck using a cutter knife.

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On Wednesday (December 4, 2019), visible Criminal Investigation Police Medan, Commissioner Eko Hartanto reported that when the situation of the victim was found to be very alarming, the cutter knife used to kill the victim was still caught in the neck of the victim.

In addition to finding stab wounds on the victim's neck, the police also found impact marks on the forehead, cheeks, hands and feet of the victim. However, to ascertain the cause of death, his body will be autopsy at the Bhayangkara Hospital in Medan. "We will wait for the results of the victim's autopsy," Eko said.

The death of the victim made local residents tantrum. Residents claimed to know the victim, but did not really know her personal life.




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