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Gosh! 14 Years of Working as Civil Servant, This Man Is Resign from His Strategic Position, Here's the Reason for the Man


Mubarok, the resigned civil servantMubarok, the resigned civil servant

If many young people compete to register themselves as a State Civil Apparatus or ASN, it is different from the figure of Mubarok.

Mubarok decided to resign as an ASN, some time ago.

Yes, the name Mubarok had shocked the virtual universe, because he decided to resign as an ASN, some time ago.

He claimed that he felt afraid to take responsibility for all of his work in the hereafter.

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Many people questioned and regretted Mubarok's decision, because being an ASN was not easy.

Mubarok himself has served 14.5 years, to become an ASN.

He began his career as an honorary staff, office security in the Central Java Provincial Government in 2005.

Mubarok was only appointed as a CPNS in 2010, and officially became a civil servant in 2011.

Not only being a member of security, Mubarok's career began to increase.

Yes, at the end of 2015 to June 2019 yesterday, Mubarok was assigned as staff in the Finance section.

He was assigned to compile budget planning.

In fact, Mubarok, who used to be just an ordinary staff, could become the head of the budget planning admin team.

However, after knowing the ins and outs of the budget planning, Mubarok felt he was carrying a heavy burden, so he felt afraid to take responsibility for all of his work in the afterlife.

"But what I feel even makes myself more afraid, Between hearts and minds are not in line, afraid of accountability," writes Mubarok.

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This man from Bantul, Yogyakarta also feels that he is carrying out the mandate from such a large community.

"The work as ASN is a very big mandate, paid by the people, there was an oath that was said when he first took office," he continued.

Mubarok feels that the current system is contrary to the people's mandate.

"With the existing system, it feels very difficult that this task can be carried out properly and fully mandated according to the oath that was ever spoken," wrote Mubarok.

Mubarok refrained himself from being pretentious, but he felt he could not bear responsibility in the afterlife.

"This decision is not an easy decision, life is a choice, every choice has consequences, I choose to resign, not to be pretentious.

After relinquishing his post as ASN, Mubarok preferred to develop his business in the field of wall decoration.

Mubarok's decision also received a lot of support from many parties.


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