Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

Sadistic! Feeling Being Cheated, This Man Tied His Wife and Poured Hot Water on His Wife's Genitals



I wonder what possessed a husband named Samiruddin (36), so he could bear to do cruel to his own wife.

Samiruddin could splash his wife's genitals with hot water. Thus, his wife who had the initials SR had to be rushed to Pasangkayu Regional Hospital on Wednesday (12 December 2019).

After committing such heinous acts, Samiruddin immediately fled leaving his home.

Fortunately, after receiving a report, police officers from the North Mamuju Police Criminal Unit and Rio Pakava Sector Police immediately pursued the perpetrator.

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The perpetrators were successfully arrested in Lalundu on Thursday (5 December 2019).

The police named the perpetrators as suspects in the Domestic Violence (KDRT) case.

From the results of the examination the perpetrator claimed to have mistreated his wife because he was considered having committed adultery.

Tragically, before his wife's vital organs were doused with hot water, the perpetrators were said to bind the victim then burn plastic jerry cans and drip them onto the victim's body.

"The perpetrators' actions are somewhat sadistic because they bind their wives and are persecuted. This is severe because they flush the victim's genitals," he said.

From the hands of the perpetrator, investigators seized evidence in the form of a rod of iron pipe with a length of approximately one meter, a kettle of water heater.

In addition, one air rifle was also secured, a hammer (gammer), a black electric wire with a length of approximately three meters that was allegedly used to bind the victim, and one pair of scissors.

"At present we have secured the perpetrators and are charged with Article 44 paragraph (2) of RI Law Number 23 of 2004 concerning the elimination of domestic violence Jo Article 351 Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, with the threat of a sentence of 10 years in prison," said Rubertus.


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