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Regional Conference on Youth in Muhammadiyah Riau XVI confirmed Firdaus as Chairperson


(Muhammadiyah Riau XVI Youth Musywil successfully held)(Muhammadiyah Riau XVI Youth Musywil successfully held) -

SIAK - Regional XVI Deliberation Meeting of Muhammadiyah Youth Riau was held at 00.30 WIB Sunday morning (12/08/2019) at the Maharatu building, Siak Sri Indrapura. The Regional Muswil ended with the formation of 13 selected Formatur meetings which resulted in the decision of Firdaus as chairman, Infa Wilindaya as secretary and Andri Syah as treasurer.

The results of the formation team meeting were then read out by the head of the election committee in the closing procession. "Alhamdulillah, the formation team agreed to appoint Firdaus as chairman, Infa Wilindaya as secretary and Andri Syah as treasurer of PW Muhammadiyah Youth of Riau in 2018-2022," said Chairman of the Election Committee, Irwan Yuliadi.

Previously, Irwan detailed the votes of 13 members of the formation team from 35 names of candidates for the formation including Muhammad Rusdi 166, Ahmad Afif 165, Muhammad Iskandar 143, Rizal S 133, Infa Wilindaya 120, Tri Wahono 118, Firdaus 117, Jayus 116, Muhammad Hasby 116 , Razali 109, Andi Saputra 108, Ardi Amsar 104 and Surimai Hengky 103.

The Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Riau Youth PW elected, Firdaus in his remarks said that he and the daily leadership would later focus on forming a Muhammadiyah Riau Youth who has faith, knowledge and charity as well as having economic independence.

"The faithful young man must be able to become a young preacher who carries on the mission of amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. The knowledgeable youth is a young man who understands science, has a lot of interest, conducts studies and increases literacy for himself. productive and economic businesses, so that the impact has economic independence, "Firdaus explained.

To align the program with the elements of daily leadership, Firdaus will first form a structure. He targets to complete it within one month.

"At the latest one month we will form a daily leadership structure. Next we will propose the issuance of the following decree inauguration by the leadership of the Muhammadiyah Youth Center," Firdaus concluded.


Meanwhile Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Youth PP Dr. Elviandri SHI MHum in his closing remarks said that he had overseen the hearing process in this meeting from the beginning of the implementation until it was over. Throughout his observations, this discussion had gone well.

"I was indeed assigned to attend this series of deliberations to the end and throughout my observations until after the deliberations had gone well," Elviandri said. ***



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