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Ironic; Being Found Raping His wife, a Husband from India is Punished the Perpetrator Himself, Here's What He Did



Men in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu became furious after his wife was raped by his own neighbor. He also killed his neighbor, after being gang-ganged.

Ironically the rape occurred in front of her husband, Manimohan, precisely when he was sleeping with his wife, Selvi, as reported by The Star, Wednesday (25 September 2019).

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Initially the perpetrator, Vijayakumar (37), entered the couple's room and raped the victim. Selvi's screams made Manimohan wake up, but the perpetrator had run away before being arrested.

Manimohan then asked for help from relatives and other neighbors to find Vijayakumar. The search was carried out. The search did not go easy because the perpetrators tried to run out of town.

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Two days later, Manimohan and three of his friends managed to find Vijayakumar. Action persecution took place. They jointly beat the perpetrators in a sadistic way using an iron rod.

Once satisfied, Manimohan forced Vijayakumar to drink poisonous liquid, Vijayakumar was killed instantly at the location.

This case is handled by the Tamil Nadu police. Despite his intention to defend the dignity of his wife, Manimohan and three of his friends were arrested on suspicion of murder.


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