Friday, 07 Aug 2020

Swallowing a Number of Painkillers, Rapper Juice Wrld is Declared Death, Here's the Report


Medicines were found in the suitcase of the artist and his teamMedicines were found in the suitcase of the artist and his team

The final rapper Juice Wrld reportedly died after he swallowed a number of Percocet painkillers. He swallowed the drugs with the intention of hiding them from the police. Additionally Juice Wrld and his team allegedly carried drugs in the Chicago Midway Airport hangar on Sunday.

Police and federal agents were waiting for the 21-year-old teen's flight at the Atlantic Aviation hangar when he arrived from Los Angeles at 1:30 a.m. yesterday.

Reporting from TMZ, the pilot who flew the jet star 'Lucid Dreams', reported that weapons and drugs were carried on board.

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When officers began examining the suitcase and entourage of artists whose real name was Jarad Higgins, he was seen swallowing some Percocet pills. According to witnesses this was done in an attempt to hide the pills.

Sources say this was the cause of Higgins' death. Because it is known after swallowing the drug, he experienced seizures and overdoses.

An agent is said to have given Higgins two doses of Narcan, an emergency treatment that is used when an opioid overdose is suspected.

Higgins finally woke up after 40 minutes of treatment but his condition had not fully recovered and blood came out of his mouth, police said.

He was only said to have regained consciousness when he was taken to the Christ Advocate Medical Center in Oak Lawn but was pronounced dead an hour later.

A suitcase search on the jet produced 41 'vacuum-sealed bags' - or 70 pounds - of marijuana and six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup, which contained opioids.

Investigators also confirmed the discovery of two 9mm pistols, 0.40 caliber pistols, high-capacity ammunition magazines and metal piercing bullets.

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One of the rapper's friends told TMZ that Higgins was suffering from Percocet's 'problem'. During this time he regularly consumes opioids which makes him addicted to the drug. The drug is known to have fatal side effects when mixed with alcohol or other substances.

At this time, it is still unclear whether only these drugs play a role in the sudden death of Higgins. The specific cause of death has not been determined by the official.



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