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Frustration Lose Weight, This Woman Insert a Hose into the Throat Until It Must Be Operated


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For the sake of losing weight, a young woman from Guangzhou, China is inserting a tube into her throat.

When trying to remove the hose, he also experienced difficulties and went to the hospital.

After the woman arrived at the hospital, she lied to the doctor if she accidentally swallowed a straw after drinking tea.

The doctor was immediately conducted an examination and sure enough in the woman's body was found a long object.

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The hospital was shocked, the article they did not find a straw, but a tube in the vertebral layer with a width of 1.9 cm and a length of about 30 cm.

The doctor also said that if the object was clearly not a drinking straw as said by Xiao Lu.

After the doctor asked the truth, Xiao Lu finally confessed if he swallowed an emetic tube that he bought online to lose weight.

Hearing Xiao Lu's statement, the doctor immediately consulted with the Department of Gastroenterology, Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia.

CT scan is known if the lower end of the emetic tube is located in the stomach, while the tip is 18 cm from the incisors.

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The top end of the emetic tube is jagged irregularly and the tube is more than 30 cm long.

After the tube is removed, the doctor performs a gastroscopy on the woman.

After the tube was removed, the doctor also found ulcers in the woman's stomach and throat.

The doctor stated that this was the first case of a foreign object being swallowed by a patient. The object was swallowed with the intention that the patient vomited and lost weight.

However, this method not only fails to lose weight, but also causes a lot of damage to the body.


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