Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

A Former Beauty Queen, 21, Who Split With a Liverpool Soccer Star Choosing to Marry an ISIS Warrior


Noor who is found guilty for donating money for ISISNoor who is found guilty for donating money for ISIS

The former Miss Teen GB and Liverpool FC WAG star chose to marry ISIS fighters. She is also reported to have given £ 35 to the terror combat fund.

Amaani Noor, 21, fell in love with a jihadi named Hakim My Love. She persuaded the jihadi with a message she sent on his 20th birthday. She stated that she planned to join him in Syria.

However, she denied making illegal contributions of £ 35 to help fund terrorism using the false name Margaret Allen. She confirmed that the money he sent was to buy food for women and children in Syria.

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The jury at Liverpool's Crown Court today convicted him with a 10-2 majority of fundraising in contravention of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Noor, from Wavertree, Liverpool, burst into tears at the dock. He was warned of the threat of imprisonment by Judge Andrew Menary, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool.

Noor was previously known to be in a relationship with professional soccer players.

However, he acknowledged that he began to focus on Islam, after separating from an unfaithful girlfriend, and betrayed him in public.



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