Wednesday, 08 Jul 2020

Being Supposed Stealing, This 7-year-old Child Turns to Have a Business Mindset At a Very Young Age


Reza sold grasshoppers to get money at his schoolReza sold grasshoppers to get money at his school - A mother named Puan Hasmi Samsuddin, told her Facebook page that she was curious about how her child got an additional money of RM2. Initially she was worried if her son stole her friends' money.

The mother claimed that she gave her son's allowance of RM2, but her son returned home with money of RM4.

After she asked her son it turned out that her son confessed that she did not take his friend's money, but instead she sold some grasshoppers.

Knowing that, the mother was shocked and angry at her child. She said that he sent his son to school to study, not sell grasshoppers. She also claimed to hit her child.

It is understandable that Puan Hasmi was very upset, but what if she caught grasshoppers during recess? After all, he didn't spend his allowance, which meant he didn't eat during that time.

However, on the other hand the actions of her 7-year-old son were smart enough. Some netizens think that what their children are doing can be developed into a very functional business mindset.

Puan Hasmi's post has collected 3,800 retweets.




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