Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

The Police Found the Poison in Lina's Body, Former Sule's Wife, After Lina's Grave Re-Dismantled


Sule's familySule's family - The police uncovered the grave of the late Sule's wife, Lina, in Bandung. This is related to the autopsy process to follow up Rizky Febian's report, which was suspicious of his mother's death.

After the autopsy process was completed, the police claimed that they could not immediately announce the results. The police need to further analyze and test the samples taken on Lina's body.

"We from Bhayangkara Sartika Asih Hospital in Bandung have performed an autopsy on the inside and outside of the body. However, it cannot be concluded yet," said AKBP Robert Tanjung from Bhayangkara Sartika Asih Hospital Bandung.

"What we take is the poison in his body, we take all the poison samples in his body," Robert said. "In an autopsy the procedure is like that."

The news about the police taking a poison sample on Lina's body made the netter even more suspicious of Teddy. But some netizens revealed that it was uncertain.

Meanwhile, Teddy was able to speak out about himself who continued to be cornered. He tried to be tough with everything.

When interviewed by Beepdo, Teddy said he was sad because Lina's grave had to be demolished. But he tried to be cooperative.

"Yes, it must be sad," Teddy said. "Alhamdulillah, it went well. All done, the police also carry out their duties. I also help as much as possible."

Teddy also revealed words that were enough to steal the attention. Initially, he alluded to Ica's cynical attitude and accused him of using black magic. Although disappointed, Teddy was not angry at Ica.

Teddy then apologized to Sule and Ica. "I apologize also to Kang Sule, to my ex-wife who are in America, to all related parties. I want to overflow, as if everything is from myself now. For those who are related, apologize physically and spiritually and I ask just one prayer for Mother Lina , "Teddy said.


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