Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Immoral! This Head of Village is Caught up Doing Immoral Thing in a Hotel Room With Someone Else's Wife


The head of Sei Buluh Village is caught doing something lecherous in a hotelThe head of Sei Buluh Village is caught doing something lecherous in a hotel - Subandi, Head of Sei Buluh Village, Mengkudu Bay District, was raided when he was alone with a woman who was not his partner, DF, at a hotel in Sukamandi Hilir Village, Pagar Merbau District, Deliserdang Regency, Saturday (11 January 2020) night.

The alleged adultery case is now being handled by the Deliserdang Police because of DF's husband's report.

The Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Service (PMD) of Serdang Bedagai Ikhsan Regency regretted this incident.

"We deeply regret this incident because the person concerned is a village head," he said on Sunday (12 January 2020).

Ikhsan said that his party would immediately summon the village head.

In the provisions of the Village Law, continued Ikhsan, the village head can be dismissed if he commits violations.

PMD will ask for considerations from village institutions such as the Village Consultative Body (BPD).

Ng, DF's husband, requested that the police can handle this case professionally.

He plans to divorce DF, who has given him three children.

"Yes, tomorrow I will file a (divorced) lawsuit.

Even children have been hate seeing their mother.

I ask that the legal process must be done.

I was last night at BAP until 09:00 p.m. at the Deliserdang Police Station," he said.

Ng admitted that he had seen a change in his wife for the past month.

Later, he said, DF was easily upset and angry to him.

"I haven't been able to sleep for three days.

I do zikr everynight to ask for guidance.

Just yesterday, like there was a hint from God to follow my wife like that. Then I followed the next day, "he said.

He said that Saturday morning his wife left the house with the reason he wanted to shop for an Internet card package in Medan.

From the Jalinsum intersection his wife took an angkot from Sandra Prima and got off at Pasar Bengkel area.

"I was also surprised why she comes down at Bengkel Market and then moved to the car.

Suspicion arises from there.

I followed along with my friend up until then she went to the hotel. "Yes, until in the hotel we asked for permission to open the room, and they are already together," he said.

Ng's raids were also recorded in the video and circulated on social media.

At that time it appeared in the recording that his wife had removed her clothes and was only wrapped in a towel.

Subandi, Head of Sei Buluh Village, Mengkudu Bay Subdistrict, Serdangbedagai District, became a byword because he was caught by someone else's wife at a hotel on Saturday (12 January 2020) night.

"Yes, it's really a shame that we chose him at that day.

Viral raid also happened right. Our intention is to choose him as the village head in order to give him opportunity to change this village, but apparently that is how he behaves, "said one of the residents who did not want to be written on Sunday (12 January 2020).

Besides, from the information obtained, Subandi was also a former candidate from the Nasdem Party.

Previously, he lost the election he then ran for the village head.

Even though Subandi is also a retired Army TNI with the last rank of major.


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