Thursday, 02 Jul 2020

Unexpected! This Indonesia University Student's Thesis Got A Score From Sri Mulyani, Here's the Explanation


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Robby Maulana (30) did not expect herself to be tested directly by the Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance), Sri Mulyani during a thesis session.

Robby is a Bappenas scholarship student from the West Kalimantan Provincial Government. He comes from Pontianak.

In his thesis session on Tuesday (7 January 2020) yesterday, this University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics and Business (FE UI) student won a satisfactory score and received direct praise from the minister.

Yesterday's thesis session was an unexpected and unforgettable experience for Robby.

This is because Sri Mulyani was appointed as chief examiner.

Robby also revealed the message conveyed by Sri Mulyani to her.

The former pontianak Tribune employee also thanked Sri Mulyani who was willing to provide input and time to test his thesis.

The FEB UI student hopes that his research can be developed for Indonesia in the future.

Robby had previously completed her Bachelor's degree (S1) at the Indonesian Islamic University of Jogjakarta and majored in informatics engineering.

After finishing college, he worked in the Pontianak Tribune from 2012 to 2015.

He chose to quit after being accepted as a Civil Servant in West Kalimantan Province in 2015.

After that he took the Bappenas scholarship in 2018 and continued his studies majoring in Masters of Economic Planning and Development Policy, University of Indonesia.

The Final Work (Thesis) raised by his is entitled "Financial Inclusion: The Effect of Account Ownership and Availability of Financial Institution Access on Household Loans".

Briefly he explained, his thesis discussed whether households that had accounts and lived close to financial institutions would tend to make loans.

"I took a lot of literature from worldbank. So the topic was very familiar in the ears of Mrs. Sri Mulyani Indrawati," he said, Sunday (12 January 2020).

Before, he and his  two other friends were told by the Study Program Secretary, that M. Sri Mulyani Indrawati wanted to test the thesis of three students from MPKP UI, of which Sri Mulyani Indrawati was the first Chair of the Study Program at MPKP.

"When I knew that I will be examined by Mrs. Sri Mulyani Indrawati. I could not sleep because I felt a burden. Not only carried the name of the campus, but also carried the name of the West Kalimantan Provincial Government," he said.

He said when the trial proceeded it turned out that Sri Mulyani Indrawati gave him very detailed questions, there were even her thoughts that were not thought of by him and his two friends.

"Thank God, during the question and answer session smoothly, Mrs. Sri Mulyani was also very humble. She did not position herself as a minister but as an academic. Overall I salute with Mrs. Sri. I know why she could be the best minister," he said.

Between his two friends, Robbi was tried for a short time and only about an hour. He also managed to achieve an A.

For the topic of his thesis, he said he had prepared it from seven to eight months ago.




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