Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Horrible! Peeping the Newlyweds' Room From a Small Hole, the Neighbor Was Shocked to See Blood Scattered Everywhere


IllustrationIllustration - A married couple who were rumored to have just been married in November 2019 were found dead in a pathetic condition.

The victim is Gung Akbar (26) and his wife, Rosna Sartika Kandong (27).

Victim Gung Akbar and his wife Rosna were found in a bloody condition in his boarding room located in Komo Luar Village, Neighborhood II, Wenang District, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Saturday (11 Janaury 2020) afternoon.

Not yet known with certainty the cause of the death of a married couple who had not recently married.

Because, until now the police are still waiting for the autopsy results of the victim's body.

Jonni Anna (39), a neighbor who was surprised when she peeked at the couple's room, said she had seen Gung Akbar ordering food through an online application.

Jonni said, at around 12.00 a.m. he saw Gung went out to get food through a delivery service.

Shortly, the victim went straight into his room.

According to him, both of them were indeed in the room.

"Around 12.00 a.m, I saw his wife Rosna enter the room. After they were both in the room, I no longer heard any noise or noise," Joni was quoted as saying by from

The next day, around 04:00 p.m, Joni was signed by a friend of the couple because they wanted to meet the victim Rosna.

Then, the man banged on the door and peeked through the small hole.

The man then called Joni and told him that there was blood on the wall.

"Hearing that, I peeked too, and it turned out to be right. Then I took a crowbar and forced open their room. It turned out that they both had died, then I contacted the neighborhood chief and a few moments later officers from the police came," said Joni.

Meanwhile, witness Andika Otaya (19), a resident of Kelurahan Kombos Barat, Neighborhood V, Singkil District, Manado City, explained that Rosna should have come to work at 02.00 p.m.

However, until 04.00 p.m, the victim had not yet come to work.

Then, Andika was told by his superiors to check into the victim's boarding house.

"I banged on the door, but the door was locked. I peeked, there was a bloodstain on the wall and could see a knife. Then the boarding guard broke down the door. After opening, I saw both of them had died in a supine position," said Andika.

Quoted from the Manado Tribune, the police said there were cuts on the body of the bride and groom who were found to be pathetic dead.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Manado Police AKP Thommy Aruan said, when found this couple in a position lying on the bed his bed.

Not only that, around the location of the discovery of the victim's body was also found a lot of blood splashes.

AKP Criminal Investigation Thommy Aruan revealed that Rosna was a private worker, while her husband was a civil servant.

However. Police have not been able to ascertain the cause of death of the victim.

Because, still waiting for the results of an autopsy conducted by Bhayangkara Hospital to the two corpses of the victims.

"The information key related to this case is in the cellphone, but the cellphone is locked," said Kasat Reskrim, AKP Thommy Aruan told Tribunmanado reporters at the Bharadaksa Lobby on Sunday (12 Janaury 2020) at around 01.30 p.m.


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