Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

DPMPTSP Pekanbaru Reminds Warnet Owners Not Deviating from Permits and Declarations


 Koto Gasib Siak gas station Koto Gasib Siak gas station - Frequently the blanks of subsidized Premium fuel in the Koto Gasib District, Siak Regency finally revealed. It turns out that the officers sell it to retailers using jerry cans at night, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at approximately 00:14 WIB.

Some time ago, residents often complained that fuel stock was often depleted at the 14,286,6105 gas stations located at kilometer 11 of the Perawang-Dayun highway in the afternoon, but the fuel retailers around the gas stations actually had a lot of fuel stock.

"It's strange, bro, gas stations often don't have oil, but outside of the gas stations, there are actually many retail oil traders, from where they get oil. Every time this is always done this way," said Dedi, a resident of Dayun, 20 December 2019.

Tracing this matter, attempted to obtain information from officers who worked at the gas station until the employees of the SPBU Indomaret outlet, but none of the officers wanted to provide information.

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Until finally, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, early in the morning, the media crew discovered the activity of purchasing subsidized fuel using jerry cans.

Some buy fuel with 35 liters of jerry cans that are transported using motorbikes and cars, there are also those who use used bottles of mineral drinking water.

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Responding to that, the SPBU supervisor who claimed to be named Ahmad Fauzi said that he was ignorant of the activities that took place. "Don't know," he answered simply.

He conveyed, the SPBU was only given 8000 Liters each time shipping from the Pertamina depot. "Only 8 KL at a time," he said simply.

When the media crew was about to leave the gas station, he asked for a photo of the journalist along with the identity of the reporter, while whispering that he was a member of the National Police Partnership Senkom. "Take a photo first, the identity card as well, I am the Police Commission Senkom," he said.


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