Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

CPNS Test Starting February 5, 2020, BKPSDM Pelalawan Prepare 116 Computer units


IllustrationIllustration - Pelalawan regency CPNS test will be held on February 5 until February 11, 2020, a number of supporting facilities have also been prepared.

"Our preparations are ripe, as BKN supporters. The test was conducted at the Pelalawan State Community Academy (AKNP) building," said the Head of Pelalawan BKPSDM, Fakhrurrozi, Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

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He said, the Pelalawan District Government only provided supporting facilities, such as a test place and a computer. Meanwhile, the server is the responsibility of BKN.

"We have prepared 116 units of computers, and only 100 units are needed. Meanwhile, 16 more units, we make a backup," he said.

He revealed, the ratusa computer unit that will be used for the CPNS test was a loan from several schools in Pelalawan.

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For technical implementation, Fakhrurrozi stated, his party had submitted the test number to the CPNS test participants. "There are 3,065 Pelalawan CPNS test participants this year," he said.

"Initially passed 3.064 administration, but 1 raised an objection and was granted the committee, it became 3,065 participants," he concluded.


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